Calligraphy is the ancient art of beautiful writing carried out by dedicated artisans. Calligraphy draws its name from the combination of two greek words that literally mean 'beautiful writing'. It is often thought of as a specialist craft, only for the artistically gifted.

Prior to the 15th century (when the printing press was invented) variations of an alphabet that originated over 3000 years ago were used by scribes to hand-write every book, pamphlet and manuscript. The varieties of hand-written alphabets originated from different countries and periods in history. The style of alphabet used by the Romans was what we now call capital or upper case. It was not until the 8th century AD that lower case letters were created.

During the Renaissance period the Italic style was developed, while Gothic was widely used during Medieval Europe. These days we generally consider our handwriting as a means to an end, without artistic flare. So, although Calligraphy is not a necessity, we are now able to appreciate the pleasures of fine writing.

At The Calligraphers Ltd, we blend the craftmanship of the past with the technology of the present, to produce beautiful pen and ink calligraphy cost effectively. Each character is individually written by a computer controlled italic fountain pen using styles that accurately duplicate hand calligraphy.

This technology enables us to fulfill our clients' needs of:

Prompt turn-around / Large runs
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